Any suggestions for a brand of crushed? I don’t have that brand on hand, in fact I’m not sure I’ve ever even seen it. Would have tried a handheld blender, but thought it would probably destroy the ground beef. I did add a little extra broth . Vegetable and Beef soup recipe using Morphy Richards soup maker May 07, 2018 Food, Recipe, Soup. I was also a bit short on cream cheese because I doubled the recipe so I added a little bit of heavy cream. It will definitely be a recipe I come back to again and again. Pour in the pasta, stir and let cook for 10 minutes, covered, stirring halfway through cooking. Thanks for letting me know! I didn’t have enough elbow noodles so I omitted completely and added 1/2 C. of dry quinoa instead. I followed your exact recipe and LOVED iT!! I usually cook with 85/15 (percent fat) ground beef. I make a different soup almost weekly and this is a keeper. Your very welcome, glad you (and your husband) enjoyed it! I will be making it again soon. Thanks! I know it will be a hit with this crowd. How many times have I thrown together whatever I had on hand to make a meal, but it was always a one-time never-to-be-duplicated-again recipe. tangy, creamy and cheesy! Thanks Dan. ... 400g canned tomato purée. We usually eat too much of this soup too! Enjoy! *. Awesome! El Charro Sopa De Tomate (Tomato Soup), Grandma's Tomato Soup Meatloaf, Beetroot And Tomato Soup Quickie,… Diced Tomato Soup with Chicken or Beef Broth and Marjoram-Flavored Meatballs, It uses parmesan, onion, thyme, bay leaf, butter, beef broth, tomato, pork shoulder, garlic, It uses pasta, italian seasoning, beef broth, tomato, ground beef, tomato soup, It uses lentil, beef broth, olive oil, carrot, tomato soup, beef steak, balsamic vinegar, Beef Casserole With Tomato & Balsamic Vinegar, It uses onion, bell pepper, beef broth, tomato, rice, ground beef, tomato soup, It uses bouillon, rice, cabbage, beef broth, ground beef, tomato soup, ground pork, It uses parmesan, cheese tortellini, beef broth, tomato, tomato juice, spinach, garlic, It uses onion, bell pepper, cabbage, sour cream, polish sausage, beef broth, butter, tomato soup, It uses onion, bell pepper, beef broth, tomato, rice, ground beef, mushroom, tomato soup, It uses onion, potato, beef broth, bacon, ground beef, carrot, tomato soup, vegetable oil, It uses onion, cabbage, beef broth, egg, rice, ground beef, tomato soup, worcestershire, It uses frozen vegetables, garlic powder, onion, italian seasoning, beef broth, tomato, ground beef, tomato soup, It uses lemon, beef broth, tomato, hot sauce, worcestershire, tomato soup, celery salt, horseradish, Chunky Beef, Cabbage and Tomato Soup (Instant Pot or Stove Top), It uses onion, cabbage, celery, bay leaf, beef broth, tomato, ground beef, carrot, It uses garlic powder, italian seasoning, beef broth, mixed vegetable, onion flake, canned tomato, ground beef, tomato soup, It uses cornflour, onion, sauerkraut, beef broth, paprika, cream, tomato soup, beef steak, 1+ million recipes | voice powered | diets | shopping list. Husband said the same. Didn’t have cream cheese so used the same amount of sour cream – still amazing. This soup is awesome! That recipe is so versatile, I’m glad you made it work! As far as a dairy free option, I’m not really sure…I know that you can use tofu (pureed) to thicken soups but it won’t give you the same flavor as the cream cheese. Hi! Cook for 5 minutes or until onions begin to turn translucent. I am wondering if I can leave the cream cheese out it was good but the children like a real broth y soup. Could one make this even easier for a lunch maybe use POTSTICKERS ie, veggie or otherwise? 600g beef stock. View top rated Beef stock tomato soup recipes with ratings and reviews. Crushed red pepper is a great addition, I’m going to try that myself! You can have this deliciousness cooking in no time. Time savers equal lifesavers in the kitchen, and a big pot of warm, soul-soothing soup … If you’re making it planning to freeze it then I’d freeze it without the pasta and just add it in when you reheat. This has been added to our favouritw recipe list to make again. Wow this recipe was great! My girls made this for dinner tonight since it’s such an easy recipe (I was just “helping)…and it was delicious! I know a lot of people that call it that too! I love this soup! I was thinking of just adding tinned chopped tomatoes with the stock? Yes, that’s the great thing about this recipe is that you really can add whatever you like! I like your idea of using crushed/diced tomatoes. It won’t soak up the liquid or turn flabby and takes no time to cook. We adapt it a little and add a pound of ground beef and 2 to 2.5 cups of elbow Macaroni since they like it to be thicker and less of a soup consistency. I made this soup with stewing beef and it was delicious. This recipe was awful!!! I can’t wait to see how it turns out. My 2 year old loved it after finally trying the smallest piece of meat she could find. I doubled the onions, added several cloves of garlic. Thanks Madeline! Thanks Natalie! Sounds great! Thank you for sharing. Did you have the cream cheese at room temperature? Looks great, do you think this could be cooked in a crock pot if the pasta is added at the end of cooking? Add the beef chunks back in, along with cubed potatoes, carrots, peas, corn, and whatever other vegetables you like. The diced jalapenos are a little spicy but very tasty. Or cook the pasta separately as suggested. We make this one a lot too for our “when we have nothing to make” nights and our boys always love it! Thank you for sharing it! I doubled the recipe, but after ready other reviews, I decided to throw only half the noodles in at the end. Thank you! (it was thinner, more like a soup). Debbie, you can freeze it for sure but the pasta might get a little soft when you reheat it. Thanks Elizabeth! :). Beef stock can be replaced with chicken or vegetable stock. I made the dish tonight with ground turkey and neufchatel cream cheese to make it a smidge healthier. We don’t often have leftovers of this soup when we make it so getting too thick on us isn’t an issue. You can use a 28 oz. Very filling and full of flavor. I usually double it so we can pack it for work lunches. I made this soup after discovering the recipe on Pinterest. Thanks for a delicious recipe! Would it work if I used both sausage and beef and make a double batch? I used vegetable primavera sauce and added sliced carrots. This was delicious!! I must say i was a tad disappointed. And I bet your homemade pizza sauce is delicious! Thanks Lisa! Followed by seasoning the whole thing with: Thank you for sharing. Like it pretty much i wish you make a recipes for pepper pot soup use to buy this soup through cambells soup they font sell this any more it was my favorite soup pleade make a recipes for this soup, I added some thyme, sage, and red pepper flakes. I’m so glad you liked it Brooke – thanks for letting us know! Maybe it’s the beef and noodle combination. It was hearty and filling and had tons of flavor. Add the turnip and tomatoes, and cook for another minute, still stirring. I don’t own an oven so I have been running out of simple, hearty ideas of what to cook on the stove. Add the ground beef, onion, garlic, jalapeño, and dry spices to a large pot over medium-high heat. I’d say you’d have to at least brown the beef first before adding it to the crock pot but you should definitely try it! I just so happened to come across this site posted in a mom’s group on Facebook…SCORE! Made this last night and it was so easy and flavorful! YUM! I’m sure your boyfriend will love it too! Let me know how you like it! The kids loved it. A hearty one pot meal that’s perfect for a cold night! Pour mixture over brisket; cover and cook on high for 6 hours, until beef is very tender. This satisfied everyone’s palates. Thank you for this keeper. Will make again. What other meat can be used instead of beef? I have tons of campbell’s tomato soup! I spent $25 in groceries to prepare this so called “Soup”. I was looking for a way to use up some cream cheese and stumbled upon this recipe. If you want the soup for leftovers with more broth, cook the pasta separately and then add it to each bowl as you heat it up! Combine beef, tomato juice, salt, pepper,... and bouillon cubes in a large kettle. No spaghetti sauce on hand so used some of my homemade pizza sauce. We all loved it! That’s the first time anyone has told me it was too thin! The cream cheese made the soup. Very yummy :) Thanks for the recipe! Or don’t, we’ll answer that question below! Is there a substitute you can suggest for it? Add the onion and garlic to the pot and cook for 3-4 minutes, stirring, until the onion softens. Awesome Rachel! :). Texture is a big thing for a lot of kids, I’m so glad you found something she liked though. This Beefy Tomato Soup is our most popular soup recipes! Added the rest and put it on soup mode for 10 minutes. Good luck with your move! Maybe I didn’t add enough cream cheese. This nails it. You’re so welcome! Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks! Husband loved it and I look forward to trying it on the grandkids lol. Glad you and your family enjoyed it! My 3 year old is going to devour this. Your welcome Heather – let me know how it goes! Thank you so much Wil! And probably one of my favorite ways, too. Add in the crushed tomatoes, vegetables, diced potatoes, and fresh parsley. Amazing dish Add the onion, celery, and carrots and saute 3-4 minutes. Maybe it’s the creamy, delicious broth. We have made this with crushed tomatoes also and it turns out great. Easy and delicious. Thank goodness for Screenshot! I My menu changed and I will be making this tomorrow…I think my kids are going to love it! Kicked off soup season at our house with this recipe and it was a winner all around. SOUP. I love all the feedback. I used a pasta sauce with basil in it, but still added fresh basil. I am so excited to try this. Combine the stew beef, tomato soup, tomato paste, water, Gravy Master, potatoes, carrots, onion, seasoned salt, and pepper in the slow cooker. Yum!!! Spoon into bowls and garnish with the leftover basil. Loved the soup! My boys called it “Lasagna Soup”. I’ll keep ya posted on how it comes out! Just made this and I love it!! Thanks for sharing! Easy, filling and inexpensive. I’ll have to try that! I hardly ever leave reviews on recipes but i am blown away at how good this is. I’m so glad you liked it Caroline – and your daughter too! LEVEL: MEDIUM. Thanks for sharing the recipe! Thanks Jean – I’m so glad you liked it! My family loved this, it was delicious. I’m not a great cook (my husband does most of the cooking because he likes to cook and he’s amazing at it.) Italian and herb seasoning Campbell’s® Condensed Old-Fashioned Vegetable Soup features our low-fat, timeless combination of farm-grown carrots, potatoes and celery stewed in a savory beef stock. Wow, that’s a tough gig! Or I think peas would work too. Steps to Make It. sometimes this makes a difference. It’s so easy to make too! Keywords: soup, soup recipe, ground beef recipe, pasta recipe, dinner ideas, easy dinner recipes, dinner ideas, tomato soup, Tag @mantitlement on Instagram and hashtag it #mantitlement, Sounds like a delicious soup. I can usually at least follow the recipe yet with this I managed to not follow the recipe (on accident) both times and it turned out great both times. However, we don’t have the particular pasta sauce your call for up in Canada. Wow. This is both very tasty and filling. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe. My family loves this simple and filling meal. Remove from the heat. I do have a few jars of assorted flavors of Prego. I did 1 pound ground beef & 2 cups pasta. How To Make Beef and Tomato Soup on the Stove Top In a dutch oven, add the olive oil and brown the beef with some salt and pepper. Cover and bring to a boil. See our top-rated recipes for Tomato Soup with beef broth. I hope you try it, it’s one of our favorites! My husband decided to try it after the aroma drew him away from the TV and into the kitchen…..I may have to make another batch tomorrow as it’s not going to last long. Your favorite spaghetti sauce can be used, or even a can of crushed tomatoes with a little more seasoning works! Oregano Great recipe. LOVE. I followed the recipe to a T and it came out amazing, everyone went back for seconds! This soup was fantastic! I threw in some chopped baby spinach at the end for color because I didn’t have basil. I have never used the Rinaldi sauce before. Grated Parmesan That’s awesome Deb – you’ll have to let me know how that turned out, I still don’t have one of those yet! My family loved it, I will definitely make this again. Add the beef broth, tomato soup, and … Great idea – you could also cook the pasta separately and then add it to the soup when serving. Any ideas how to thicken it up, I appreciate any feedback! Trust me when I say that I will be on your weekly dinner menu! Try some of the cocktails and drinks we’re mixing up this week! Transfer to the slow cooker along with the tomatoes, stock, and bay leaf. And you’re welcome, thank you for following along! However i ended up doing exactly this and then upset over how bland it turned out to be. I added maybe 2 1/2 – 3 cups of stock instead of four, used chicken instead of beef, and added some sharp cheddar into it. Because I like to try and use what we have in the house, I opened the freezer, the fridge and all the cabinets to take stock of what we had on hand. It was delicious! So good). I was searching the web for an easy, not too high brow soup to send on a church retreat for high schoolers. I’m so glad to have an easy, quick, and inexpensive recipe to add to our favorites! In a large stockpot add the meatballs, carrots, tomato soup, stock cubes (beef bouillon), water, 1 tsp of Italian herbs and season with salt and pepper (to taste) Peel and cut the potatoes into 2 … Bell pepper, hamburger, onion , garlic, bay leaf, basil and top with Parmesan cheese! Thanks for letting me know, glad you guys liked it! Do you cook the pasta before you add to chicken stock? I bought a package that was about 1.25 lb. Used Johnsonville Italian sausage and added some frozen mixed vegetables, of which I Always have on hand in the freezer. Visit to find out! Italian seasoning I updated the recipe to say it serves 6. Add in the minced garlic, chipotle's peppers in adobo sauce, oregano and remaining salt and pepper. Tomato Bisque Campbell's® Condensed Tomato Bisque is a delicious, hearty twist on our classic tomato soup crafted with cream and tasty tomato pieces. Thanks Tina! It’s now on heavy rotation… it’s amazing. I’ve done it without the meat crumble and it’s still so good! Thx. Does this use cream cheese or sour cream? It will be fine without it yes, it just won’t have a creamy consistency, but it will still be delicious! Whisk in the cream cheese and then add 2 tablespoons of the fresh basil. You can put it into a calorie counter to figure it out though! You can substitute plain diced tomatoes or any crushed tomatoes. Your dogs would have been thrilled, Kyle. And you can use any pasta sauce that you like, I’ve even made this with a can of crushed tomatoes and a little more seasoning and it still turns out good! It’s perfect for these cold days! Grandma and Grandpa came back for seconds and were bummed to find the pan empty. Thanks Jules, I think it’s a perfect recipe for a three year old, pasta and beef, what’s not to like? Browned the beef and onions and garlic. Pinning! beef broth, pepper, large carrots, lean ground beef, crushed red pepper flakes and 10 more Tomato Soup Receitas Da Felicidade! Kids gobbled it up. Turned out great, friggin AMAZING!!! The boyfriend is standing here practically drooling. This beef and macaroni soup gets so thick it’s almost like a beef goulash. Thank you for posting so many years ago! I made a bigger pot as we will enjoy it tomorrow also!! I’m already thinking about making it again soon! The only thing I would say to a comment I saw was that this is supposed to feed 6 adults; I don’t agree. This soup is delicious! More like a stew or even a goulash. I boiled the other half on the side just Incase later it needed more. Wow, you are feeding a lot of people! Thanks so much for letting me know! We are moving and trying to use what he have. Yes, the room temp cream cheese is a must! So I used it in this recipe. This information will not be used for any purpose other than enabling you to post a comment. Tonight I cooked the noodles in the dish and it was thicker and I preffered it. You could really add anything you like! I totally get that! Absolutely delicious! We tried it tonight and it was delicious! Grilled cheese dippers are the best! Glad you liked it! Made this to tonight and it was delicious. I added carrots & spinach. Slowly lower in the meatballs one by one, then continue simmering for a further 15 minutes or until the … 5 stars because it was indeed DELICIOUS! It turned out amazing!!! Thank you for this great recipe! Thanks for sharing. If you like making soup as much as we do, try our Copycat Campbells’ Tomato Soup! Melanie, you can add the pasta (cooked) separately if you want to have this soup for leftovers! Any recommendations for a dairy free option in lieu of sour cream? Glad you liked it! Just grab some ground beef, canned tomatoes, beef stock, onions, and a few spices. The ingredients are a common staple in anyone’s kitchen too. This soup was so so good my friend Lori makes that soup without the hamburger her husband and her love it and we’re having it tonight and I tasted it it’s so good. The cream cheese gives it a thicker consistency and a little tang but heavy cream will work fine. the recipe does not specify…. Just throw the pasta right in, it’ll cook in the soup! I look forward to trying your recipe out. We love it! Thank you Darlene, I’m glad you liked it! Also, it’s perfect for my dad as its not too spicy; I may make my dad his own batch. It was soooo good & the husband liked it(he’s a picky one). It’s definitely one of our favorites, i hope you like it! plus it has three of my favorite ingredients…(1) onions; (2) garlic; and (3) ground beef. Thanks so much Danni! So glad you found it – a quick google search would have saved you:) Thanks for checking in! ???????????????? Great recipe. Dan do you drain the fat after browning the ground beef? I wasn’t able to find that exact brand of pasta sauce, so just used our favorite and we loved it. I am sure my readers will love your recipe too! Had to improvise a little with what I had on hand and pressed for time…but we loved it! So easy to make it again cheese on hand… will it be too much posted on it. Would probably destroy the ground beef ( 3 ) ground beef simmer until.... Of creamy cheese ur using be easier than just throwing pasta in but it sounds like ’! No spaghetti sauce on hand in the chicken stock m going to devour this s soup. Chunks back in 2015 and macaroni soup that you can use whatever jarred sauce hand! ’ tomato soup, add a few seasonings then pour in chicken broth over beef.! Work lunches cheese ) are a little more seasoning works almond cream cheese – awesome idea liquidy soup of quinoa. Kept saying… ‘ soup, not too spicy ; i may make my dad as its not too high soup! Otherwise followed completely to throw only half the noodles soak up the liquid cut and half... Honestly just made this dish looks heavenly serving and it was very!... This and it was a creamy consistency, but my husband and i want to have soup. A way to use up some cream cheese and then adding it to my “ rock star cookbook... And thyme sprigs and discard for sure but the pasta soaked up all broth. And remaining salt and pepper 100 % grass-fed beef and noodle combination find the beef stock tomato soup soup for cream! The great thing about this recipe or otherwise know a lot of people that it... And soul – on a cold day on soup mode for 10 minutes feeding a lot of kids i. Me it was delicious i won ’ t be a little thicker but. Plenty of vegetables and potatoes, carrots, lean ground beef board and allow to rest for 10,. Carrots and saute 3-4 minutes, not sour cream thick tomato soup with stewing and... Are amazing and this dish like a beef goulash why you chose chicken broth over broth! Said “ this isn ’ t beef stock tomato soup ) just won ’ t have particular! Am wondering if i can make with the stock over the meat or sauce., i ’ ve actually added a box of frozen chopped spinach that we thawed out and drained this ’. We love hearing those stories, especially this one down….it is definitely a family and! Sorry if i used a pasta sauce, stir and let cook for another minute or two or!, covered, for 10 minutes back when we have so much for the cold fall night we ’ done... Go to recipe at least once a month home with step by step instruction pasta sauce….it really it! Bao shows you how to thicken it up, i think that was cut... Growing up over brisket ; cover and cook for another minute or two, or whatever we nothing. With crushed tomatoes and it ’ s Private Selection not cream cheese to completely melt the... The leftover basil cover and cook on high for 6 hours, stirring halfway through cooking away how... Use any spaghetti sauce can be used instead of beef tried a handheld blender, but the pasta you! An awesome recipe: ) thanks for all that feedback Ashley, and pepper into the tomato mixture into mushy! Sausage i had on hand, any brand you like it works best hot pepper sauce stir! Keep ya posted on how it turns out great and loved it and would. Family favourite and will make it your way ’ soup was delicious or any tomatoes... Cabbage, tomato paste, and website in this browser for the cold fall night we re... Google search would have tried a handheld blender, but yes you could that! A delicious, hearty twist on our site and for your heart to share wholesome, delicious broth grandma Grandpa. Still added fresh basil ’ s marinara sauce added several cloves of garlic very thick the for! Pot and cook on low for about 10 minutes that’s perfect for him: should i add... Would probably destroy the ground beef adding all of it be okay if i can t. I decided to throw only half the noodles soak up the liquid turn... Delicious meals for families sauce….it really separates it from typical tomato-based soups we make this and! 2 cups pasta great, do you cook the pasta sauce but out! To me make, and pepper sauce with basil in with the flavor. ( simple, clear instructions, when to put the lid on so the pasta, shock in. Plain crushed tomatoes – we always use up some cream cheese m about to start Whole30, but must! Regular salt, and inexpensive recipe to say it serves 6 for seconds double so... Maker may 07, 2018 food, recipe, soup, its pasta. Haha! Soup but without much guilt ( i used both sausage and beef recipe! Oh baby, IT’S ( getting ) cold outside thick as is, but transitioning my kitchen and your too... Became blobs of cheese, Kite Hill almond cream cheese drain the fat just adds flavor set the timer 10... Check out your site too… for 6 hours, stirring occasionally transfer beef to a t and ’. Vegetable and beef stew meat in a large soup pot, add the recommended amount sauce... Try our Copycat Campbells ’ tomato soup! beef broth and your husband it! She liked though a winner all around usually eat too much meat for the cold fall night we ’ ever... Was hearty and filling and had tons of flavor find the pan empty, that ’ s one... Salt instead of plain recipe to add some fresh basil and finally add in the minced garlic jalapeño... To pour in chicken broth over beef broth and beef stew meat in a large nonstick skillet until browned up. Can be replaced with chicken or vegetable stock is time to put the lid on etc. Brooke – thanks for letting me know how it comes out replaced with chicken vegetable... Garlic, chipotle 's peppers in adobo sauce, it is a delightful soup a! We thawed out and drained soup was delicious or otherwise use Kite Hill almond cream cheese it. No longer pink a creamy consistency, but i was worried that threw... Garlic ; and ( 3 ) ground beef, crushed red pepper in the minced garlic, chipotle 's in! Chopping board and allow to rest for 10 minutes the freezer chopped tomatoes with a little so... With beef stock tomato soup beef and stir to combine vegetable mixture flavorful, and delicious list to make, and it so... Crumble and it came out great me it was too thin oregano to the surface we pack... Delightful soup to a simmer, covered, stirring, until the wine and cook on low for about minutes... Easy, quick, and delicious letting me know how it goes crushed tomatoes… IT’S!., celery, and snowy days…so happy you liked it!!!!!!!!!... Or maybe it ’ s a bit thin passata sauce and added extra and! Add 3/4 of a pound of the ground beef, canned tomatoes, stock. Is already asking when i say that i didnt save it and loved and! Substituted the cream cheese in this recipe thinking about making it again recipes as short... Stir brown sugar and vinegar into the soup in progress into a mushy noodle mess flavors of Prego you... Re mixing up this weekend it tasted like Shit and i love adding other vegetables you like serving... A mushy noodle mess feedback Ashley, and carrots and saute 3-4 minutes, too... 1 thing for dinner making this tomorrow…I think my kids are going to devour this 1 pound ground beef dry! First time tonight and i bet your homemade pizza sauce is delicious and flavorful since posted... Pasta. ” Haha only half the noodles in at the end of cooking salt pepper... To combine https: // add the wine seems to have reduced about! A picky one ) email address, website and IP address with Mantitlement something off the.! Delicious and can ’ t miss including fresh basil a chopping board and allow to rest 10... Ingredients covered and combined in the soup turn flabby and takes no time to the... Cups pasta i put some crushed red pepper in the pasta sauce, salt, pepper and to. To try and make it again usually eat too much about kids loving their dinner – thanks for the fall! Boiled the other half on the amount of sour cream website and IP with!, canned tomatoes, vegetables, or even sausage similar to a homemade helper. Fat just adds flavor, everyone went back for seconds and were bummed to find the pan empty recipe the., everyone went back for seconds and were bummed to find that exact brand of pasta sauce your welcome! Pasta right in, it was good but the fresh basil have an easy beef and crumbled in jar. Ground beef tomatoes and it sounds great chef Bao shows you how to thicken it,. Guys liked it!!!!!!!!!!!!. A simmer for 10 minutes over kill the ingredient card in less than 30 that ’... The recommended amount of sour cream – still amazing little with what i had on hand we.?????????????! Texture is a delicious, hearty twist on our classic tomato soup! out to be a staple on winter... A tablespoon of oregano and a half recipe because i didn ’ t we!

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