HellDiver. From then on, you’ll be able to find all things Renault in one place. Secondly/Thirdly, two warning lights have now appeared on my dashboard. Red warning lights represent the most urgent and if ignored may result in damage to the vehicle or a risk to occupant safety. This is normally accompanied shortly after by the toxic fume warning light coming on on the dashboard. The problem description is as follows: intermittently, normally when accelerating, the car loses power and struggles to maintain speed. I have a 2003 renault clio dynamique 1.5dCi 80hp. Since these have been on, the car appears to have lost a significant amount of … sucks when you get an aweful dealer. 5,282 posts. I got a bit of polythene plastic caught underneath a couple of days back (and a pedestrian pulled it off the car as I couldn't stop on a red route - how civil minded was that?! What's New 3 12 24 72. Discussion. tks. The first problem was the water in petrol light came on, i thought that i had pulled some cr*p from the bottom of the tank, so i put some redex in and it seemed to sort it. Independent Renault mercredi 13 janvier 2016. 142 months Hi All, I have a problem with my 2003 Renault Clio. Search My Stuff. Car - Renault Clio 02 1.2 58,000 miles Cheers. can you identify the problem pls. Envoyer par e-mail BlogThis! Went to look at a Clio Mk3 (59 Plate) 1.5dci GT 106bhp for the sister tonight and was very impressed but there was one slight thing I'm unsure on Turned the ignition on (but not started the car) and all lights went out besides the 'Toxic Fume Warning Light', which would stay on continuously However once you started the engine, it went straight out Renault Clio toxic fumes warning light?? Link to post Hi Guys, My Partner has a Renault Clio 1.6 Automatic, 2002 petrol engine. It's petrol and I did look at the manual and the symbol says toxic fumes warning light and I don't know what it means that's why I was asking if anyone knew!! Toxic fume warning light and no power (max 10mph) - Clio 2002 1.2 16v. It should go out a few seconds thereafter. A few weeks ago the Toxic Fume Warning light (is this just another name for the Engine Management Light I've seen mentioned elsewhere?) We’re writing to inform you that we will be moving all our Renault Sport cars and motorsport content on the renaultsport.co.uk across to our main website, renault.co.uk, on 31 March 2020. Toxic Fume Filter System Warning Light On vehicles which are equipped with it, this light comes on when the engine is started and, depending on the vehicle, when the ignition is switched off if the vehicle is in the engine standby phase (refer to the information on the “ Stop … Renault Clio Warning Lights? ... toxic fume warning light, can mean just about anything on a french car. When I got it home and was having a look at it, I found if I turn the key to the ignition position (but not start the engine) most of the lights on the dash come on, then go off again, like they're supposed to. clio 57reg toxic fume filter system warning light flashes now and then and car stutters on exceleration when it does flash Submitted: 2 years ago. bmthnick1981. Renault Clio Mk3 engine warning light - if the engine warning light is illuminated in your Clio Mk3 it needs to be diagnosed as soon as possible to prevent any further engine damage. Renault Clio IV (2014-2019) Owners Manual / Getting to know your vehicle / Warning lights. Renault Clio: Warning lights. you really need to get a diagnostic, we can all take stabs in the dark over this but it really does come down to having a fault code read done to obtain the code at least. Original Poster. Dear Renault Sport Fan! what should i do. HI - I am new so bear with me...I got my Renault Megane 1.6 petrol in December 07 second hand. Category: Renault The toxic fume filter system warning light will illuminate on the Renault Megane when the ignition is switched on and should go out shortly after. Renault Clio - Toxic Fumes warning light. Toxic Fume Filter System Warning Light On vehicles that are equipped, this light comes on when the engine is started and, depending on the vehicle, when the ignition is switched off while the engine is in the standby phase STOP AND START FUNCTION then it goes out. they cant find any wrong? 2003 Clio Cup - toxic fumes warning light? My Profile My Preferences My Mates. Renault Clio 1.2 2003 Toxic fume warning light. Started 5 hours ago. This Renault Kadjar toxic fume filter system warning light comes on with ignition or when when the engine is switched on - it may illuminate during the start / stop phase if equipped. Toxic fume warning light. For vehicles equipped with this option, the light comes on when the ignition is switched on then goes out. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. Page 2 of 2 < Prev 1 2. Posted: Tue Feb 01, 2011 2:11 pm sparks should be covered every time, i've had 3 serv's done now and they've been kind enough to change the plugs everytime due to my changes . Recently the Toxic fume light and engine light have started coming on and the car stalls when idling, this tends to happen when it has been on a longish (10 mile) journey and then left for half and hour and used again. Toxic Fume Filter System WARNING LIGHT. Toxic Fume Filter System Warning Light. It's under warranty for a few weeks only. 2006 Renault clio, the Toxic fume warning light keeps flashing on and off while driving and every now and then the car feels like it's juddering Posted by Helen on Jan 26, 2015 If the light remains on or comes on whilst driving contact a Renault technician immediately. started flashing again in my automatic 02 Clio 1.2 16V. Chey Dunkley Signs. They said it was 1)camshaft sensor 2) not properly cleared from the computer 3) camshaft. Toxic Fume: This warning light is often referred to as the 'check engine light' or malfunction indicator light. keep flashing while driving and lose speed. New Topics. Clio 1.2 2008 toxic fume filter warning light has com on what does this relate to - Answered by a verified Renault Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Toxic fume warning light and electrical fault warning light on and car drives in "limp" mode Car going into the garge tomorrow to see what further can be done. To cut a long long story short, I have an ongoing problem with the car. ). It has happened on a 2 mile trip to tesco as well. I've had the toxic fume light on since May. 5,708 posts. The manual states that one is the toxic fume warning light, and the other is the electrical fault light. 2003 Clio Expression 1.2 Electrical fault light and toxic fume warning light Hi, I am completely new to this forum and I've spent a while trawling through many posts trying to find a solution! Reply Reply Author. Clio toxic fume warning light Hi guys just started my car drive fine then the electrical fault light came on followed by the toxic fume light. Toxic Fume Filter System Warning Light On vehicles that are equipped, this light comes on when the engine is started and, depending on the vehicle, when the ignition is switched off while the engine is in the standby phase STOP AND START FUNCTION then it goes out. do i need to go to # garage. Belle427. Post subject: Re: Toxic Fume Filter System Warning Light, flashing- HELP!! 0 yes you can drive it with this warning on as it telling you that the sensor in the catalytic converter is faulty, but 9 times out of 10 you'll find the sensor is blocked with carbon (sooty deposit on the tip of the lamda sensor) which is attatched to exhaust system in the engine bay. Renault Clio II - Clio 1.2 16v expression toxic fume warning light. The most likely cause of a Clio Mk3 engine warning light is a faulty sensor such as … Toxic fume light and Petrol in water light on Renault Clio 2003? I have a 68 reg 1.5DCi Auto .... from new .. at 6,000 miles the Anti-pollution system warning light came on //// after getting it into my local Renault garage and them checking the computer read out .. it was in need of an OIL change .. At 6.000 miles !!! Check the sensor is working right if it is there could be a problem with your throttle body or coils. If the light flashes, reduce speed until light goes out. I have a Renault Clio Dynamique 2005 - my toxic fume warning light just came on. Discussion in 'Car Repairs / Maintenance' started by greenc, 10 Aug 2008. Hello. Toxic Fume Filter System Warning Light Publié par video à 12:39. Share this post. Hi all, hope someone out there can help with this. Renault Clio '03 1.2 16v (Manual) problem: 'Toxic Fume' Warning Light on Hi guys, I'm hoping that some of you will be able to give me an idea of what's wrong with my car. Three visists to the garage. also the car is runnning very lumpy as if it is running on 3 cyclinders. Topics; Ladies Hairdressers In Greenhill. The toxic fumes warning light is not on any more ,but it was a bit of a scare as the car felt like it was choking for the hole week, on the last day before the light went out i thought i was going to have to book it in somewhere thinking i had failed , had to go out an hour later the light was off and the car drove great again what a relief. When a warning light shows up on your Renault dashboard, it’s recommended that immediate action is taken – particularly if it’s a red warning light. took in the the garage a week ago. because when i put the key in switch it on the engine not start and i keep doing it about 20 times until its working. The toxic fume monitoring warning light is constantly illuminated on my 2002 1.4 clio. Toxic fumes warning light is linked to the exhaust - … It's a Renault Clio "Extreme" 1.2 16v and it's 11 years old. 2004 Renault Clio 1.2 16valve Toxic fume warning light - AutoInsider Problems and Fixes Clio/Clio II/Clio III Car Forums Automotive Forums .com Car Chat ... That Toxic Fume light is the sensor in the Exhuast that detects unburnt Fuel. one more thing is sometime it took me half an hour to turn the engine on.
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