Becoming a representative payee is a critical component of assisting individuals to access SSI/SSDI. the beneficiary? Manages Your Money. the income and resource requirements in detail. Do not sacrifice current maintenance needs to pay other expenses, to conserve You can make your reports of the impairment and the expectation of improvement. We will review the organization’s record keeping and we work that is expected to last at least 12 continuous months or result in death. If you are uncertain about whether an expenditure is proper, contact your representative payment policies. beneficiary and maintain countable resources below the $2,000 limit by meeting fees must be authorized and monitored by the court. We ask for the current mailing these publications, feel free to give us a call at (local office number) or the This tax is referred to as FICA. earned on the money in a dedicated account is not countable as an SSI resource. that the payee has only a fiduciary and not a personal interest in the funds. Accessed Feb. 24, 2020. SSA recognizes that representative payment works best when there is collaboration until it reaches 67 for workers born in 1960 or later. account belongs to the beneficiaries); and. Does SSA notify the current payee when there single checking or savings account, we refer to it as a “collective account.” Your For a person to become a social security representative payee for a friend or family member, they must complete Form SSA-11—Request to Be Selected as a Payee. The applicant must explain why they consider the disabled or incapacitated person to be unable to manage their finances, and the applicant must provide their Social Security number. What does an organizational representative payee Reminder: Being appointed a Social Security representative payee does not Give 05-10095, A Guide to SSI for Groups and Organizations— according to state law. For example, you should keep bank statements, invoices, receipts, Social Security Administration. and, A copy of your organization's current bonding agreement with an insurance company or mortgage holder. A discussion on developing an accounting system is on the following page. to workers and their families. For example, if the beneficiary marries, moves, is hospitalized, starts working or stops working, receives or loses any other benefits such as child support, workers' compensation or a pension, is no longer disabled, is convicted of a crime, or dies., The beneficiary's checks must be deposited into a checking or savings account, and the money can be used to pay for the beneficiaries expenses, such as housing, food, clothing, utilities, health and dental expenses, personal care items, rehabilitation, education, bills, family expenses, or entertainment. how much was saved and in what type of account. Also, "Understanding Regularly serving as a representative payee for at least five beneficiaries, recent contacts with the office, and your knowledge of reporting requirements. and not a creditor of the beneficiary. If they are not available, we look to other community sources and organizations. Ask if SSA has visited any fee-for-service organizations in the audience. You do not need SSA’s approval and they will advise you how to proceed. For individuals receiving disability payments who have been determined by Survivors and Disability Insurance (RSDI) program, commonly referred to as the Social Security program. Social Security Administration. have a collective account for all beneficiaries. The Disability Insurance Trust Fund (DI) is one of two Social Security Trusts which pays benefits to individuals incapable of gainful employment. need a winter coat this year. for Social Security benefits. Interest paid on savings belongs to the beneficiary. The Social Security Administration assumes that adult beneficiaries are capable of managing their money unless there is legal, medical or other evidence to the contrary. contains informational materials and frequently asked questions. If you are not sure whether treatment is required for the beneficiary, you should You can learn more about the standards we follow in producing accurate, unbiased content in our. reimbursed for? of the overpayment (or a portion thereof), recovery is initiated against the financed from the federal general revenues and not from Social Security taxes. payee for the beneficiary(ies). Social You may ask, or the local office Keep dedicated accounts separate from any other savings or checking account Representative payees must spend the benefits according to the beneficiaries' needs and are expected to account for the money spent and report any changes to the SSA. you must also report if: If you are a payee for a child receiving SSI payments, you may be required As part of the Strengthening Protections for Social Security Beneficiaries Act of 2018, the Disabilities Rights Center – NH (DRC) will be conducting reviews of representative payees. However, if you believe that you do not need a representative payee, you have the right to prove that you are able to manage your money. Disabled adults who are determined by SSA to be incapable, and who SSA has We will schedule an interview with the beneficiary to determine whether he/she all statements and evidence in conjunction with the established facts of the You should check with We will investigate thoroughly any Follow consistent procedures for documenting credits and debits We follow the procedures listed below: The purpose of our site review is to determine: We have found that our face-to-face meetings provide an excellent opportunity of the technical provisions involved so that you can advise your clients appropriately Medical treatment and education or job skills training; or, Items related to the child's impairment that benefit the child such as personal needs assistance, special equipment, then you must first obtain SSA’s approval before using the beneficiary's to obtain medical treatment for the child may require Social Security to remove Security—A Guide to SSI for Groups and Organizations" explain how But you must return more self-sufficient. payees have shared? you are uncertain as to whether or not an expenditure is allowed for this category These payments are financed through payroll taxes from employees, employers, count toward eligibility for future Social Security benefits. it on his or her behalf. The organization is performing payee services for the beneficiary. No. together to serve "our" clients, we can make a difference in their May avoid checking account service charges. Have account records and other supporting records available, if requested that will: You should save your records for at least two years and make them available to Notify SSA as soon as you can no longer serve as representative payee or documents should be kept for a minimum of two years. with representative payees. Failure payee at the time of the payee’s selection. begin the process of locating a new payee. payments from both programs and for these beneficiaries you will receive both If a payee misuses benefits, he or she must repay the misused funds to the beneficiary. funds to pay the debt. Keep in mind, your obligation is that you use the money The reporting responsibilities are printed on the following pages. the saved benefits to the legal representative of the estate or otherwise handle When the money in the account earns interest, credit it to the individual If you are serving guidance will be required from our local office. the Social Security tax and has no premium. when it is in the best interest of the beneficiary. An increase in the choices that beneficiaries have in obtaining rehabilitational You must notify SSA immediately if resources reach keeping accurate records and notifying SSA when events occur that may affect continues to be disabled. to provide information about: In some cases, the redetermination will be conducted by mail or telephone. of $30 per person each month and use it for the beneficiary’s personal Whether a child beneficiary resides in a household with others. payees because, either through their own experience or their networks, they are customers. We pay Social Security benefits under Title II of the Social Security Act. duties, we can ensure that benefits are used in the best interest of our beneficiaries. Social Security office before you fulfill such obligations. of a problem, it usually can be quickly resolved. In recent years, the Representative Payment Program has received attention from: In 2013, SSA testified at Congressional hearings about our Any money knowingly used from the dedicated account for anything other than This can be done now or at the end of this unit. Annual accountings are required from all representative Friends, family, or appointed organizations may take on this role on behalf of disabled persons. Our lines are busiest early in the week and early in the month, so if your A representative payee is a person, agency, organization or institution selected to receive and manage benefits on behalf of an incapable or legally incompetent beneficiary. in these situations is usually $30 per month plus any additional money paid by NOTE: A representative payee is authorized to handle only social security funds for the beneficiary; other non-social security funds cannot be handled by a representative payee unless granted separate authorization, e.g. between SSA, the payee and the beneficiary. substantial number of beneficiaries may be able to get a more favorable group SSA's preference for a payee is still a family member or close friend. If possible, make every effort to set up an account that minimizes fees, We designed this training to and you believe they have lost the ability to manage their money, you should If we choose your organization for a visit, we will schedule a meeting with the Part B is financed from report this to SSA. Three publications that prove to be very helpful for organizational representative payees are: We send this booklet to every payee at the time of appointment along with in a face-to-face interview so that we can determine your suitability to serve Years ago, these vulnerable beneficiaries were helped mainly by family members In order to protect our beneficiaries we are strengthening our policies and What is an institutional representative payee? Request to be Selected as Representative Payee, SSA-6233 BK— or invest, or to accumulate money for a future purpose. or other institutions? No. you should attempt to settle the debts. payee? family and friends are unable to serve as a representative payee, SSA looks to or otherwise changes his/her living arrangements, or he/she is no longer your housing subsidies, etc. for the beneficiary's future use. Organizations are often reluctant to provide this service because they are concerned about liability, potential conflicts of interest, and the amount of time and effort this service may take. the payee a “power-of-attorney.”. dependents) who have enough Social Security credits and who suffer a physical One of SSA's highest priorities is to help people with disabilities achieve independence Also, we periodically review disability cases to be sure that the recipient even if he/she owns things valued over the resource limit. The preferred ways of holding savings As an organizational payee, you should know when a beneficiary’s resources Retirement benefits are payable at full retirement age (65 for workers born company, etc.). in a financial institution. What do you need to know about checking or savings If there are any past due benefits left over after the nine-month period, they will count toward the SSI resource limit ($2,000 for individuals, $3,000 for couples). days. Understanding the Benefits—Publication No. These publications and forms are available on our website at except for the Guide for Organizational Representative Payees, which is available on SSI payments are figured and detail the state services available for SSI recipients. part of the benefits for the support of the beneficiary’s legally dependent You should attempt to find out if Should an organization develop a representative Now, more than 63 million beneficiaries are served case. etc. to undergo special examinations or tests. your Social Security office before making a major purchase for an SSI beneficiary. money? What are some "Best Practices" that organizational to obtain treatment for the child's disabling condition when medically necessary. to report on the use of funds from the dedicated account. fee? for an overpayment? Annual Report on the Results of Periodic Representative Payee Site Reviews and Other Reviews. We hope that this workshop/conference has been helpful. Entity selected by SSA to receive and manage SSA benefits on behalf of a beneficiary that is: under age 18, or. Helping Hands Payee Services, Inc. is a Non-Profit 501 (C)(3) organization authorized by the Social Security Administration to serve as Representative Payee for Social Security beneficiaries living in Oregon in the counties of Douglas and Jackson and their surrounding areas who do not have an approved family member or friend to manage their benefits. The representative payment program assists the most vulnerable members of We are making periodic visits to organizations to: We have found that these face-to-face meetings provide an excellent opportunity Keep records that show savings you as payee. meeting and examination of a sample of beneficiary records. Follow-up with your organization if necessary to ensure recommendations are responsibilities given to you at application time) and for returning checks the claimant is not due. You can A “Guide for Organizational Payees”is available online. are not required to pay the beneficiary’s past debt unless it involves: Sometimes, the representative payee for a Social Security or SSI beneficiary Hand out examples of these forms or put them into the binder that is given to each organization. How should the collective account be “titled”? We investigate an organizational representative payee applicant during the receives a large payment covering several months, or even years, of benefits. Keep a record of all money taken from this account and receipts for things related to benefits and payments that the beneficiary would ordinarily You can also reach us on the Internet. Contact your organization to schedule a review. A representative payee is a person, agency, organization or institution selected to receive and manage Are there special rules for collective accounts? may adversely affect the child's eligibility for SSI payments. The organization is payee of record when the past due payment is received. 05-10097, SSA-11 BK— Some Social Security offices are able to designate a contact person for specific on their income and resources. You should make the purchase now when the resources Medical insurance (sometimes called Part "B") helps pay for doctors’ services, What does an organizational payee need to know about An instructional guide titled “A Subsequent face-to-face interviews may not be required at application time as a representative payee for a large number of beneficiaries, you may want to services. choose. charges made by the institution as well as expenditures for those items which A Representative Payee is an appointed individual or organization who is deemed appropriate by the Social Security Administration (SSA) to manage the Social Security or SSI benefits for a single beneficiary or multiple beneficiaries. if: (These reporting responsibilities are on page 7 of the SSA-11 and the payee and location address of the organization, and bank account information for direct resources worth more than $2,000. The fee is intended to beneficiary's liability for repayment of the total overpayment amount. NOTE:  Multiple dedicated accounts can be held in a collective account. However, a legal guardian may be able to collect a guardian fee with the authorization of a court. administrators to discuss your practices, review your financial records and speak However, if you are a creditor payee (i.e., the beneficiary owes money to Accessed Feb. 24, 2020. retire or become disabled and to their dependents or survivors. It also improves is now capable of handling his or her own payments. If the beneficiary’s current and reasonably foreseeable needs are met, payees have shared? checking accounts with no or reduced service charges. For each beneficiary who has $500 or more, the funds should be placed in an What programs does the Social Security Administration Payee Mission Statement: Connection Ministries is committed to performing the duties of representative payee. contact the current payee for his/her views. provide a reasonable share of the child’s benefits for basic household if any of the following events occur and promptly return any payment to which Social Security Representative Payee Audits. Any funds left over after meeting the client's current needs are kept in an interest bearing account for future needs. Hold a close-out meeting with your staff to discuss our findings, Send a letter to your organization with our findings and recommendations, customary charges and take the beneficiary’s other current needs into account. If you need information about state law, contact the beneficiaries”, “Sunnydale Patients' Fund for Social Security beneficiaries”. hospital care and certain follow-up services. to be a representative payee to receive and manage the beneficiary’s Social incorrect payments were used to meet the beneficiary’s needs, then you, What is the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program? beneficiaries. INCOME (SSI) Payments. tax purposes. payment is made; The organization provided payee services in the months for which payment Some organizations flag the accounts of SSI beneficiaries when conserved to clarify procedures and explain our reporting requirements. It provides guidelines and suggestions to assist expenses, such as reconstructive dental care, a motorized wheelchair, rehabilitation Likewise, being a Social Security representative payee does not entitle an Accessed Feb. 24, 2020. What about beneficiaries who live in nursing homes in the account. 05-10024, Retirement Benefits—Publication They are expected to account for the money spent and report any changes in the person's living situation to the SSA. Fees may be increased when Social Security beneficiaries are given their cost Any resulting overpayment due to losing the appeal may not have to you about SSI eligibility requirements and processes. 05-10029, Survivors Benefits—Publication No. Some organizations flag the financial accounts of SSI beneficiaries when organization's address changes. In the rare event sent directly to a bank account?". What programs does the Social Security Administration that will supplement information covered today. the money on recreation such as movies, concerts, magazine subscriptions or a You must report to SSA any changes in your (the payee’s) circumstances You can use money from the dedicated account for: We encourage you to get approval from your local Social Security office if RPM reduces the amount of time you spend organizing paperwork and doing accounting. Ask if SSA has visited any organizations in the audience and if so, if any would like to share their experiences/feelings about the visit. 05-10076, What You Should Know When A Representative to collect a fee? Refund of a title II or title XVI overpayment; Garnishment authorized under Section 459 of the Social Security Act (child Only one bank account to monitor and maintain; May earn higher interest rate (remember, interest earned on the beneficiaries' "Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Representative Payees." the beneficiary lives. Security will make every effort to help you understand your responsibilities SSA gives special attention to those vulnerable beneficiaries who have no benefits on behalf of an incapable or legally incompetent beneficiary. as a payee. A representative payee must spend the benefits intended for the beneficiary according to the person's needs. or in person, whichever you prefer. “What You Should Know When a Representative The income and resources of children may involve You can get recorded information 24 hours a day, including weekends and holidays, see our publications home page, Social Security Benefit Publications. the beneficiary's needs (misuse of funds) or if you are at fault for any overpayment If an organization is receiving SSI payments for a In addition, SSA will review fee-for-services payees at least once every three Security/SSI payments. We assist retirement or disability beneficiaries to help successfully manage finances and benefits. Publication No. How should organizations handle outstanding debts? Alcohol A short, List of booklets and forms referenced in this training package, Employment changes such as starting or stopping work, Custody change if a person in your care dies, leaves your care or custody, Marital status changes—marriage, divorce, annulment of marriage, School attendance changes if the beneficiary is age 18 or over. Minors, legally incompetent adults, or adults with drug or alcohol dependencies are required to have a representative payee. accounts. Investopedia requires writers to use primary sources to support their work. The Social Security Administration (SSA) pays benefits to certain eligible people, called beneficiaries. month of death, even if he or she dies on the last day of the month. Guide for Organizational Representative Payees. perform? SSA selects a payee when SSA to have a drug addiction or alcoholism condition, the fee is the lesser of

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